Installing Corrugated Roofing Materials

There are many kinds of roofing materials available from metal, to pvc or even typical shingles. You’ve made your choice and have done your research and purchased your corrugated roofing materials at your local hardware store, or perhaps even from OFIC North America, so here are some easy installation tips to ensure you roof is ready for that next rain storm. *Disclaimer* this is just a guide.

  1. Measure your roof, or the old roofing materials you are replacing.
  2. Measure and mark the new corrugated roofing materials. (make sure to leave enough room for overlapping)
  3. Using a circular saw or a jig saw, make cuts. Always use a metal blade.
  4. To help ensure easier installation, pre-drill the screw holes using a 3/16 inch drill bit. Space holes at least 6 inches apart and no more than 10 inches.
  5. Start at the outside edge and install panels directly to the roof trusses or wood sheets already installed.
  6. Screw each panel down before installing the next. Ensure each screw has a washer, this will ensure a good seal. (Your hardware store can recommend the best screws for your roofing needs)
  7. There should be at least a 2.5-3 inch overlap, less seems means less leaks!
  8. Once all panels are installed Use a sealant to ensure all edges are weather proofed.

Now you have installed your corrugated roofing materials which will require very little upkeep. Your roof looks amazing and you can be proud of a job well done. Remember, these tips are just basic standards of installation and they may not work for everyone. It is best to have a professional install your roof for you to ensure you are covered by your insurance if damage does occur. Remember when in doubt, hire a professional.

Remodeling a Kitchen: The Real Improvement

This year with my tax refund, I decided to remodel the entire kitchen of my home in Alexandria, VA. My wife and I have spent a great deal of time designing and planning out the kitchen of our dreams, as its one of the most rewarding things to have from the experiences I’ve had in the past.  We’ve selected new appliances, added technology wherever possible, had tile flooring installed in place of the existing vinyl flooring that was once there, a brand new range – and a very, very fancy refrigerator (it talks to us!).  All of these things have made quite a significant impact on the look, feel, and general appearance of our kitchen – almost as much as the brand new cabinetry.  But everything combined, honestly doesn’t make anywhere near as much of an impact as the switch-over from wooden countertops, to our beautiful new granite countertops!

Granite – The Best Solution For Countertops

I’m not sure what it is about granite that makes your home stand-out.  It gives an elegant appearance and feel to any room that you have it incorporated in, it feels cool, solid and clean all the time – and best of all its far more sanitary than any other material that you could use. Yes, the price can be a little higher than what most of us would like to pay, however it’s well worth the investment in the end, and adds immense value to your home.

Think about it, granite as a material is extremely durable, and will literally last forever – so long as it’s kept clean and taken care of (that is, not trying to purposely damage it.. you know with a hammer or something!).  You can have it custom fabricated and cut to match any shape – and to fit any countertop you could possibly design.  Having it as part of an island is great, and what’s cooler is that the counter space you have is also capable of withstanding hot pans without damaging the stone to begin with.  And keeping it clean is really, really easy.  You could have the messiest children in the world, and all it’s going to take to clean up their mess from hell is a simple solution of warm water and mild detergent – combine that with a rag and wipe the mess away – and there you have it, the countertop looks just as good as when you first had it installed!

Now, I live in Alexandria Virginia, which makes getting Granite countertops custom made, and installed a lot less of a hassle than in most other parts of the country.  This is in part, largely due to the presence of the company that we had assist with the remodeling of our kitchen.  That company, is Granite Source – which in my opinion is honestly the only place I would ever want to go for Granite, Stone or any other heavy-duty material that requires experience and expertise for the fabrication.  They weren’t just great at providing outstanding looking countertops, and perfecting the shape and cut of our granite – they were also friendly and they tried to assist with more than just providing us with countertops.  If you have access to their services in your area, then I highly suggest you take advantage of it when it comes to finding Granite for your home.

Drywall Repairs – Major Damage

There’s a pretty good chance that every one of us will one day encounter some damage to our homes walls, and we are more than likely going to want to repair it.  Repairing damage to drywall is easy to do, however it requires patience, effort, and skill in order to do it right – and learning how to do is a simple task so long as you adequately prepare and take your time as you go through the process.  The first thing you should do, is figure out how bad the damage is and what that means for the repair you are about to carry out.

Is the damage patchable?

Chances are the damage to your drywall may be simple enough to only require a mesh patch, some putty, and a round or two of sanding.  If the damage to the wall is the size of a doorknob, then you should be just fine using a mesh screen for the repair.  However, if the damage is the size of a book or larger – then you are going to have to provide a slightly more in-depth repair.

Repairing Significant Damage in Drywall

Significant damage to drywall does require a bit more effort and patience – but in the end anyone can do it, and the repair is pretty straightforward.  Some of the things you are going to need are: A small sheet of drywall, a drywall saw or utility knife (or both), a mesh screen, drywall compound, a putty knife, and a sanding block.  All of these things can be found at your local hardware store at an affordable price.

The first step is to locate the studs to both the left and right of the damaged section. You can use a stud finder, your ears by tapping on the wall and listening for the difference in sound (hollow vs solid), or simply by cutting the drywall out until you reach a stud. Important:  Be cautious and aware when doing this, as sometimes electrical wires may be attached to the stud as well!Ultimate-How-To_Drywall-repair-large-hole-05_s4x3_lg

Once you have located the opposing studs, cut out a square section from the drywall that surrounds the damaged area – and make sure that you expose at least half of each stud. Measure the whole that you’ve cut out, and from the fresh sheet of drywall cut out a piece that fits the hole as tight as possible (to minimize work).  Place the fresh cut piece of drywall into the whole, and using drywall screws, attach the drywall to the studs using a minimum of 2 screws on each side.

Once the replacement piece of drywall is firmly in place, cut strips from the mesh screen that you have and cover the parameter of the newly installed section so that all gaps between the old and new drywall are covered. Using your putty knife and drywall compound, cover the mesh and surrounding areas so that the appearance is smooth and consistent.  Allow for the compound to dry, and sand down the area to eliminate knicks, cracks, inconsistencies and any other imperfections in the compound.  Repeat the addition of compound and sanding of the area as necessary, until the repair looks even and is no longer an eye soar. Remember patience is key, if this is the first time you have done a drywall repair – then expect to go through the process of applying compound and sanding the area several times before seeing a finished project that you are pleased with. 

Sometimes DIY repairs are not for everyone – and if you are part of this group, then don’t worry!  There are plenty of companies out there that offer handyman services, much like The Carpentry & Painting Experts who service the Richmond, VA area.  If fixing a hole in your drywall is something that you are dreading, then don’t force yourself to try the repair – patience is key, and if you aren’t happy to be doing the work in the first place then chances are you are going to wind up relying on a professional in the end.

Top Fence Building Materials

If you are looking into different residential fencing options, there are several materials out there you might want to consider. With years of fence building experience I have used them all, there are some important differences you should be aware of before you make your final decision and build your dream fence. One you have decided which makes the most sense in your yard visit the official website of Fencing Pro and they will install you’re a beautiful fence.

  1. Wood – this is the classic choice and a popular one too, however there are many different types of woods used to build fences depending on the fencing company and what types of woods are available in the region you live in. In the Houston area the two most common types of wood used for fencing are usually red cedar and white pine.
  2. Vinyl – Vinyl fences have several benefits as well. Vinyl tends to be very low maintenance and lasts for a long time when compared to wood. Because its not a natural material, it is more uniform which can be good if you like this look but many appreciate the small variations in wood that gives it character as well.
  3. Metal – The two most common types of metal fences are wrought iron, and chain link. A third common type is aluminum often used for commercial properties. Metal is much more expensive than its wooden and vinyl counterparts and does not add as much privacy but is a very effective barrier for safety and looks very classy as well.

Before you call a local fencing contractor, read more into the different types of materials available and see which company in your are sells and installs the type of fence that best suits your property. If you go with wood, I would recommend going with a locally grown option as it will look more natural in your yard.

I Found a Good Plumber, and So Can You

The one thing I wasn’t expecting to have to do this past week was find an plumber to repair a damaged fixture in my Manchester, NH home.  As a matter of fact, I had just recently replaced the fixture not even 3 months ago – which is the real reason why I found myself on a hunt to find plumbing services that wouldn’t break shortly after paying for them.  Here is some of the information I followed to make sure that the next plumber I called was one that didn’t rip me off.

Researching Reputation

This is by far the most important aspect when looking for a plumber that is going to make good use of your time and money.  Now, what most people think they should be after here is simply someone with ‘good’ reviews – but that practice is going to put you in boiling water, as those with a terrible reputation are likely to invest in fake reviews that give their prospective customers a different idea than what they would normally get when reading the legitimate reviews.  If you find a plumber that has 60 5 start reviews that all have shown up over the past years – then be very skeptical, and assume that they are hiding something.

What you should really focus on finding, is who has negative reviews – that stand out, or are in high quantity.  A majority of the time, a negative review or two is nothing problematic – as we all know some people out there aren’t that understanding and whenever they have a ‘dispute’ with a company but have no legal ground or even a right to that dispute, they take to the internet to complain about it.  Its common, but when you find more than just 1 or 2 reviews then you should probably take it as a signal that they have very poor quality service – and avoid making them your choice for service all together.

Word of Mouth

I also recommend asking friends and family members about any past experiences with a plumber they may have had.  This is a great way to find information on reputation without having to worry about it being biased or fake in any way.

As a reference, the plumber that I relied on – and who I’m glad I called – was provided by Mr. Rooter here in Manchester, New Hampshire.  If every other Mr. Rooter location is as good as the one in my backyard, then I seriously recommend anyone and everyone that is looking for a plumber, to seriously consider them for service from here on.

Generators for Your Home’s Heating and Air

My family and I live in Arnold, Maryland which is a suburb right outside of Annapolis. These past few months we have seen an unusual amount of snow and harsh winter weather. It seemed like the kids were out of school due snow days for weeks at a time. And, it wasn’t just the snow that was an issue. Ice and freezing rain caused harsh road conditions and sometimes even power outages.

The last thing you want to happen at your home when the weather gets cold is for your power to go out. The real issue isn’t if your power goes out, but more the question of when will come back on? That’s why this past Christmas, as a family, we decided to invest in a Carrier home standby generator. We liked the Carrier brand of generators because they were able to automatically sense a loss of power and restore electricity to a home within 30 seconds.

Carrier Generator

In addition, we liked that the Carrier brand generators were able to provide heating to our home without making a lot of noise like our other generators have in the past. Also, our previous portable generator was a gas guzzler. One winter when our power went out for a couple days, we had to constantly make trips to the gas station to refill our generator. We ended up spending hundreds of dollars on gas. Lastly, the Carrier brand provides safe and reliable power to our Maryland home when we really need it.

When it came time to purchase and install our home’s generator we chose Arundel Cooling, Heating & Electrical. Arundel serves the Baltimore MD metro area including Annapolis, Columbia, and Bowie. After doing our research we saw that Arundel was chosen as one of the top 12 Carrier dealers in the U.S. We trusted their expertise. They were professional and able to answer all of our questions. We truly felt from our initial phone call that our satisfaction was their top priority. If you live in the Baltimore area click here to learn more about Arundel Cooling, Heating, & Electrical for all of your residential or commercial HVAC needs.

Great Glass Repair or Installation

If you are thinking about purchasing table top glass or possible replacing a home window then Glass Doctor is the place that you want to go for all things glass. They provide world class service and quality glass work in a timely manner. A lot of glass companies are limited by the amount of glass services that they can provide their customers but since Glass Doctor cuts their own glass they are not limited. When thinking about world class glass services your think about providing a quality product, customer service, and the speed of service and the price of service. This glass repair company out performs all other businesses in these objectives.

All of the glass that they cut for replacement or installation are measured accurately for the location that they will be installed. Not only is the glass measure correctly but they are able to provide the same kind of glass that corresponds with the rest of the window or even the glass table top. Their glass is made to the standards of all standard window glass, so when you replace the glass in your windows you are effectively purchasing a new window for a lower price.

The customer service is world class and you can tell that they care about all of their customers and maintaining their great reputation as glass experts. They can come to your home and provide an accurate estimate of service and then have your new glass out to your home within a day or two. Not only is their speed of service outstanding but their pricing is competitive with all other of its competitors. Once they provide you with a quote then they won’t deviate from that price unless if you decide to add on additional services.

It is safe to say that Glass Doctor is the best glass repair and installation service in all of the United States and you can find a glass expert by clicking here. Once you schedule your appointment they will be at your home as soon as possible and get you on your way with a variety of new glass products and accessories.

Home Remodeling for Peace of Mind

Six months ago, my father passed away from a cancer that he had been fighting for years.  He died at the age of 78 leaving my mother of 75 living by herself.  My mom is a very strong woman.  You could even say that she was almost prepared for this to happen, but everyone has their breaking point.  It made me and my wife worry about leaving her alone in that house.  We only lived about 2 miles away from her, so we do visit often, but that doesn’t always alleviate our stress about her mental health and physical safety.

Our entire family can’t stand the thought of sending my mother to a retirement home, so we thought of a different option.  Mom and Dad’s house is over 40 years old and isn’t what we would consider safe when it comes to accessibility.  For example, the 4 steps at the front and back of the house aren’t good for her knees, and she can risk falling down the stairs and seriously injuring herself.  Another example is the low bathtub that she has trouble getting in and out of often.  Our idea was to have everyone in the family to pitch in and pay for my mother’s home to become safer through a home accessibility remodel.

After doing some detailed searches, we finally came across a home remodeling company that met our needs.  We scheduled to have them come down and take a look at the house and talk about the improvements that I plan on making.  They also made a few suggestions that could help my mother live safer like motion sensor lighting, non-slip flooring, and lowered counter tops.  I originally just wanted to have ramps and a walk-in tub built in, so I was surprised at many of the other things that I had missed looking for.  I was really thankful that the remodeling contractor made those suggestions.

Five months later, my mother is living more comfortably and safely.  We still visit her just as often to check up on her, but she seems to be doing fine.  I’m sure dad would be happy knowing that she will be physically safer when she is alone now.

Cabinet Re-Surfacing in Your Home

Are you looking for cabinet re-surfacing services in Chesterfield VA?

Whether you’re looking to improve the value of your home, make it a more accessible property to buyers or are simply performing some home improvements, refacing your kitchen cabinets can be an ideal way to completely transform a kitchen. For this, you may well be looking out for a cabinet re-surfacing services in Chesterfield VA. Click here for all of your re-surfacing needs.

The advantages of re-surfacing
If your kitchen cabinets are structurally sound but look as though they’ve had better days, then re-surfacing can provide provide a makeover which is just as stunning as a full refit.

First, re-surfacing is a much cheaper alternative to complete refits, and can be just as striking: With the right mixture of craftsmanship, tools and experience, a cabinet can be completely transformed. Another advantage to re-surfacing is that you can keep all items in your cupboards; this can save hours of hassle.

What occurs during a cabinet re-surfacing?
You should find cabinet re-surfacing services in Chesterfield VA who can offer the best and most experienced technicians. All re-surfacing services should be able to provide you with examples of previous work, customer reviews as well as some all-important insurance which covers your home should anything go wrong during a re-surfacing job.

In order to find the right contractor for you, it can be useful to better understand the process of re-surfacing. After choosing your preferred style of cabinet surface, craftsmen performing a re-surfacing job will make accurate measurements of all your cabinets, order the materials and remove counter tops, old doors, headers and hinges. After your cupboard frames have been lightly sanded and a thin layer of alcohol applied, veneer can then be added. Once applied, these strips are smoothed to remove bubbles and to improve their adhesion to the cupboard. Veneer is then trimmed, rough edges are eased and joints are filled. Re-surfaced draws and doors can then be re-mounted and new hinges added to your cupboards.

Want to Find a Great Electrician? Give Them a Test

If you’re thinking of hiring an electrician here in Weatherford – or anywhere else in Texas – make sure you run them through a series of tests that will validate their expertise. This doesn’t mean you ought to sit them down and make them complete an exam – the ones I know would laugh if you tried. But it does mean putting your prospective electrician through a series of checks they must pass with flying colors for you to think about hiring them.

Here’s a very simple checklist that you can use to narrow your list to the best electricians in your area; simply check off these requirements as you review potential candidates to hire.


Checking credentials is the first thing you need to do. If your electrician has a website, credentials should be very easy to verify; if there’s no website to check, you can simply call them up. Here in Weatherford, and throughout Texas, there are several credentials you’re hoping to find. Your electrician should have at least one – and probably several – state licenses; examples include Master Electrician, Journeyman Electrician, Maintenance Electrician, and Electrical Contractor.

Electricians should also be insured, and have General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance, at minimum. Feel free to ask the electrician about any trade organization affiliations and memberships they may have, as this can also be insightful. Checking credentials is a fairly simple process, but you cannot skip this process and still expect to work with a top-quality electrician.


Next, find out how many years your prospective electricians have been servicing the Weatherford area. There is high demand for skilled labor, so an electrician in good standing is not likely to move around much. You shouldn’t plan to limit your search to electrician with 20 years experience or more; instead you’ll want to make sure that your candidates have been in our area for at least a couple of years.


It’s a little more difficult to gauge an electrician’s reputation, but with so many online review sites, you’re bound to find online reviews and comments about any established service provider. Many professional electricians in Weatherford have excellent reviews. Do a little searching and see what people are saying about the ones you’re considering. A good, strong reputation is hard to build, and it can only be done by a professional who is dedicated to their line of work.

Using this checklist, you’re liable to eliminate the majority of the electricians on your list, and that’s okay. Those remaining on your list are sure to be first-rate, and you can confidently pick one that’s located conveniently near you.